The Ghan Travel Insurance



We are not currently offering travel insurance.

Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions imposed by the Australian and other governments, we have temporarily suspended the sale of new international and domestic travel insurance policies.

If you are travelling on The Ghan you may wish to purchase Travel Insurance to give you some peace of mind in case of an unforeseen change of circumstances. Great Trains does not provide Travel Insurance, we simply refer through to Suresave as they offer a 20% discount to our clients. There are many options in purchasing Travel Insurance.

A 20% discount has already been applied for Great Trains clientele.

People often ask us if they should get Travel Insurance. Its a personal choice, I just know we often have to deal with many people who sadly have had to cancel due to illness or changes in circumstances. I'm not fussed where you get it, some people have Travel Insurance included with your credit cards, Suresave offer it (below) as do plenty of other companies. The choice is yours. We make no claims as to which Travel Insurance may suit your circumstances best. Any claims made will have to made through whoever you chose to purchase your Travel Insurance with. If you do have to cancel and make a claim, Great Trains can arrange invoices stating the costs which can be used with your claim.

Suresave is an Australiancompany who specialise in providing help that’s designed for travellers.

Underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds, they are dedicated to keeping customers informed and covered through an honest and genuine approach to travel insurance.

SureSave provides world assistance through their Sydney-based support team, including an award-winning customer contact centre, claims team and 24/7 Emergency Assistance team. All their services are in-house, so rest assured that no matter where your travels take you, you’ll have access to expert assistance from home.

Free travel safety app with every policy

When you buy a policy with Suresave, you’ll get instant access to the free SureSave travel safety app. The app provides you with access to travel safety information on the go, including policy details, emergency contacts, phrasebooks and guides tailored to your trip.

For travel insurance phone enquiries: 1300 787 376
(tell them you're a Great Trains client for a 20% discount)

or get a quote online :

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