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Coronavirus Update


Here are the current State Border Restrictions, Border Pass information pages.

There are currently no COVID state border restrictions in place.

Western Australia

South Australia

Northern Territory


New South Wales




A source of information for State to State border restrictions and requirements can be found here


Journey Beyond do not currently require guests to advise of vaccination status or to undergo COVID testing prior to travel. Guests are still subject to State vaccination and border requirements where applicable.


There are currently no COVID related travel restrictions in place.


Here is the latest information regarding Journey Beyond rail travel disruptions.


The safety and well-being of our guests and team is of the upmost importance, and we continue to work closely with state health authorities to ensure we can operate the Great Southern, as it travels across borders and interstate.

Journey Beyond will continue to provide Travel Updates in regards to the Coronavirus.

Journey Beyond have released the following Journey Safe information regarding COVID Safe Travel.

Here are some COVID FAQ from Journey Beyond.

Question: How are you keeping guests safe onboard?

Answer: Our JourneySafe plan is based on expert advice and implements enhanced cleaning and hygiene procedures while initiating new measures like physical distancing.

To accommodate physical distancing on the train, guests will be allocated specific meal times, as well as scheduled times to spend in communal spaces such as the Outback Explorer Lounge area.

Each cabin will have its own supply of hand sanitiser and wipes. There will be communal hand sanitiser in lounge areas and provided before getting on and off the train.

We are collecting all guests’ names and contact details to enable us to effectively contact trace if required.

We request guests do not move throughout all parts of the train and stick to their specific accommodation and dining carriages.

Question: How will physical distancing be managed onboard?

Answer: Guests will be allocated set times for meals and to spend in communal areas including the Outback Explorer Lounge and Platinum Club. When moving throughout the train, guests will be asked not to congregate in corridors, instead move into their cabin or the open end of the carriage to allow for safe passing.

Question: What are the Northern Territory’s border requirements?

There are no longer any State Border restrictions.

Question: What if I begin to feel sick?

Answer: If you begin to feel sick during your journey, our crew will do everything they can to look after you and other guests. You will be asked to quarantine if your cabin, where meals will be delivered and you will be frequently checked on by our staff.

Question: Will my experience be the same as it would have been before the pandemic?

Answer: The pandemic has meant we’ve had to make some adaptations to further protect people’s safety and wellbeing, however we’re confident your experience will be just as memorable. Our exceptional food, wine and beverages remain the same and you’ll be blown away by the freshly prepared meals our chefs create onboard.

We’re still offering the same included Off Train Excursions and have worked with our third-party providers to ensure they’re practising COVID-safe behaviour.

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